TNFD Party on June 6, 2023, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

It’s time for another almost-monthly party at TNFD. Let’s call it the Summer Kick-Off Party. The June Solstice (Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice) is on June 21st @ 8:57 AM MDT.

There are two disclosed birthdays for the month of June: Erich & Bill. Next month, there are scads of TNFD birthdays (in comparison to just one or none), so start planning for a July 11th party too. There won’t be any official TNFD dancing on July 4th, but there may or may not be some people around who will combine dancing with viewing of the Fort Collins City Park fireworks. Susan and I will be taking off some time in June for a family visit and to catch up on spring projects before summer starts, but Deryl will keep you dancing.

We are also sad to say good bye to one of our newest dancers, Melina, as she will be going to Greece, where she will no doubt hone her dancing skills and show us what she learned when she returns for a visit. I’m fuzzy on the details, so I’ll be expecting a going away speech from Melina.


TNFD Party Protocol

  1. The 1st rule of TNFD Party Protocol is to have fun.
  2. You are encouraged, but not required, to bring a snack to share of the savory or sweet variety.
  3. You may bring your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage for yourself or to share (there’s not much participation in such at TNFD, except some around Christmas).
  4. There for sure will not be any teaching on party nights. I’ll just keep spinning the hits with some breaks filled with background table music for mingling, munching, and merriment, and we will, of course, have birthday singing, when participants have divulged birthdays.
  5. Be prepared for non-standard recordings being used for some favorite dances.

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