Tineke & Maurits van Geel

Don’t miss this year’s Boulder International Folk Dance Workshop featuring Tineke & Maurits van Geel. They will share dances of Armenian, Romani, and other international folk origins. The workshops and dances start Friday evening on April 28th and finish with a review session on Sunday, April 30th, all happening at the Avalon in Boulder.

We need to get more Armenian in/back into our repertoire, other than the American-Armenian, Artie Barsamian hits, Sweet Girl and [sounds like] Hey John, and one from Tom Bozigian, Khumkhuma (Teen). I have a couple dance CDs from Tineke & Maurits, but I have no idea how to do any of the dances. They have produced some recordings of very lovely Armenian music through their own record company, Van Geel Records, which is no longer active. They also had some dance demo DVDs, of which I have none. Perhaps they will have some of that material (or digital versions) with them for the workshops.

Note: The Saturday afternoon workshop now starts at 2:30 instead of 2:00. Please refer to the PDF.

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