Nabrala Je – Croatia [Željko Jergan*]

Translation:The Girl Gathers (Strawberries)
See Also:Raca Plava
Introduced:Željko Jergan
Form:Closed Circle
Hand Hold:V
Music:Nabrala Je: a Croatian folk song
Date Taught:8/8/2023
Teacher:Deryl & David

A dance for the Croatian folk song, Nabrala Je.

Note: Some groups do the Pas de basque of the first part more like a “step-together,” but the energetic Pas de basque with pronounced heel cross is most popular in YouTube videos.

FC Note: Most groups (all YouTube examples with more than one dancer) use the hands down V hand hold, but Fort Collins likes to go hands-on-hips individual style.

Nabrala je jagode petrovke, srce moje
Nabrala je jagode petrovke, srce moje

Nabrala je tri kitice cvetja, srce moje
Ka nabrala dragomu je dala, srce moje

Na livadi zumbul cvetek zeleni
Jagoda malena, jagodica črlena
Pozdravi mi v Medjimurju dragoga

The girl picked beautiful strawberries and three bouquets of hyacinth flowers to give to her boyfriend

Notes by Željko Jergan

Teaching & Dancing Examples

Hora Romaneasca from Boulder performing
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Dancing at Appleton folk dance workshop 2014

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