Pušteno – Greek Macedonia [Traditional]

Greek:Πουστένο, Πουστσένο
Trans­lation:To Be Free, To Let Go
Region:Flórina, Greek Macedonia (Aegean Macedonia)
Alias:Pusčeno, Pušćeno, Pousteno, Poustseno, Pushteno, Levendikos
Dance Cate­gory:Village Traditional/Living Dance
Format:Open Circle
Skill:Intermediate (easy dance, complex rhythm)
Energy:Gentle to Moderate to Lively, depending on music
Hand Hold:W or V
Meter:Most commonly (9+7)/8 aka 16/16 = (2+2+2+3) + (2+2+3)
(QQ)QM + (QQ)M
Phras­ing:3 bars; SQQSQ x 3 in the basic form
Music:Pusčeno in whatever spelling; Pushteno oro is faster and not quite the same dance, but close. Ibrahim Odža/Hodja (done in the pusčeno meter) is very popular.
Date Taught:

One of Diane M’s favorites, especially when done to live music by Christos Govetas and Drómeno at Balkan Camp.

From the family of 3-measure, stretched meter music dances of Macedonian and influences in Northern Greece, aka Greek Macedonia, aka Aegean Macedonia (if you are a Macedonian in favor of a United Macedonia). The Greek version (or just name) is Levendikos. Beraçe/Beranče is another family member, but the meter doesn’t generally stick in as many notes per beat. There is also a Beranče version that looks more like a čoček (that’s Diane’s version), but they all use music of similar rhythms. It just depends on the village: same name + different town = different dance! Pušteno is generally said to have originated in Flórina, a town near the northern border on the western side Greek Macedonia. This is also near Albania, and that influence is also present in the music.

Meter Note: Music is mixed meter with lots of notes per dance step. Danced SQQSQ with 3rd & 5th quicks stretched to mediums, according to particular music & players (follow the music). Music is most commonly (9+7)/8 aka 16/16 = (2+2+2+3) + (2+2+3) = QQQM + QQM, where S=4, M=3, and Q=2, so 2 Q’s are grouped to make a S: SQM+SM = ((2+2) (2) (3)) + ((2+2) (3)). Dancers can think of this as 1 & 2 3 4 & 5






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Μουσικό Συγκρότημα ”Μακεδονικός Ήχος”