Hi Folk Folks,

I hope that you are all planning to attend the 2nd Annual Tuesday Night Folk Dancing Presents the McTeggart Irish Dancing and Céilí St. Paddy’s Day Extravaganza on March 14, 2023, 7:30 PM at the Empire Grange Hall. If you haven’t heard about it already, I dunno what to tell ya. Just don’t miss it, and please be there by 7:30 PM.

Just a reminder to this reminder…this is not our St. Patrick’s Day Party, where you would bring treats and stuff like that. That will be next week, March 21.

The program will begin with the watching of the dancers, followed by the participation with the McTeggart dancers in a céilí dance. After that, we’ll do some of our folk dance favorites for whomever is around.

We will pass the hat, can, bottle, bag, sack, or other collection vessel and give 100% of what is collected to the McTeggart dances for their time and talent.

I’ve been working on the website for Fort Collins Folk Dancing, which currently only has content about Fort Collins Tuesday Night Recreational International Folk Dancing and no other folk dancing, but that’s what I am familiar with. I am posting blog entries for the super-exciting things I write about to you, so if you want to refer back to such a thing, you can go to the blog to find them. I haven’t done much back-posting, but I’ll get the posts about dance information in there…eventually.

I am also dumping the dance program/playlist in the blog, so you can see the names of the dances we did on a particular night. Eventually, I’ll have links to the dances we did that were new or need review, so you can refer to them. The biggest part of the site that I have been figuring out is how to list all the dances that we do, attempt, used to do, or will do. I’m still testing out the design, so I don’t have much in there yet, but I hope it will be useful to people other than just me! Folks say they don’t know the names of the dances, so they have a hard time requesting a dance. In the near future, you will be able to see the full list (near 200) of dances that we have some chance of actually pulling off. I will have live links to example videos, music, and background information. Check it out at https://www.fortcollinsfolkdance.org/dances/ and let me know if you have any suggestions, before I go down one path when I should have considered a different one.

See You Tonight (Tuesday, March 14),

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