McTeggart Celebrates International Dance Day

Do not miss the 2nd Annual Tuesday Night Folk Dancing Presents the McTeggart Irish Dancing and Céilí St. Paddy’s Day Extravaganza on March 14, 2023, 7:30 PM at the Empire Grange Hall. For those who were lucky enough to catch the 1st annual, you know that Tatiana and the McTeggart Adult Irish Dancers really can pull off a high-energy performance. They’ve been practicing, and this month ’tis the season of the Irish and for the McTeggart Irish Dancers to show off their skills.

Please plan to be there at 7:30 PM for the start of the show. We have the hall before that, so Susan and I will be in at 7:00 PM to setup and move chairs upstairs and set across the top half of the hall for performance viewing. If anyone wants to be a part of that fun–and get choice seating–please come on over around 7:10.

The dancers will demonstrate various styles in groups and as individuals. After something like an hour, we’ll clear the floor of chairs and Tatiana will teach us a céilí dance. There will be some time left for some of our usual folk dances after the céilí.

All of the donations for the evening will go to the dancers. Please consider donating $5 or more for their time and talent.

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