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Here is the list of the international folk dances we at Tuesday Night Folk Dancing (TNFD) know, used to know, are learning, or should learn, with details and information on selected dances. In the history of recreational international folk dancing in USA and throughout the world, there is a plethora of folk dances and plenty of websites with dance notes, history, and videos/links (check the Links page of this site). This list contains only some of the folk dances have been done in Fort Collins, but all of the currently active TNFD dances are listed here.

If there is a dedicated page on this site for a particular dance, as indicated by the icon in § column of the table, what you will find there are more dance details, some interesting tidbits about the dance, additional links to sources for more information, and my favorite YouTube videos of dancing, teaching, and music, embedded for you playing pleasure. I am working through each dance in the list to provide resource links in the hidden Info column for my favorites of an information site (usually at Andrew Carnie’s Folk Dance Musings) and a demonstration video , and if I can find them, a teaching video , danceable music , and sheet music . You have to click/tap on the row to expand the hidden columns, including Info. If there is an or icon, then there are links present in the Info column.

How to Use This Table

  • If you want to go right to a dance and you know the name, you can find it alphabetically in the Dance column, or you can type the name in part or full in the search bar.
  • Click/tap on a row to reveal the Info column (links to dance resources) and other hidden fields.
  • You can click any column heading to sort by that column. Click again to reverse the sort.
  • Click the Taught column heading twice (slowlynot a double click) to sort for most recently taught dances.
  • Most checkbox filters should only be used one at a time, or you may exclude more results than intended.
  • Teaching information is given over three columns: TC (Teaching Candidate Type), TP (Teaching Priority), and Taught columns. TC describes what kind of teaching is required. TP attempts to assign a priority to the many, many dances that need some level of teaching to get into regular rotation. When a dance is taught, or scheduled for teaching, it gets a date in the Teaching column and the FL (Favorite Level) goes to F4 for “Learning” until we have it down and it’s an F1 (Loved) or F2 (Liked), or we decide we don’t like it and drop it.
  • Entries with sigma, ο, are undefined/TBD/blank. This character sorts after a blank, so the undefined entries are at the end of the list instead of the beginning.
Col­umnI­conLinks To/In­di­cates:
§Dance Info Page on this site
Info column has links
Can’t Find Info/Videos
InfoDance Notes Website
YouTube Dance
Teaching Video
Dance Music
Listening Music
Sheet Music

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