Here is the spreadsheet (Excel file: TNFD3.XLS, date: 7/18/1994) that I received on a floppy disk from Deryl. The tapes replaced digging through, loading, and track selecting on records to find a dance, but you did have to do a lot of fast forwarding and rewinding to find the right dance on the tape. That was a great advancement in organization…but, thankfully, digital music came along and computer programs to handle the indexing, and now we can find a dance tune with a few keystrokes or mouse clicks. I still have to go back to these tape for a few dances I can’t find from someone else’s digitization efforts. Someday, I’ll have to dig through the records in the back room to see if I can find the source. So many dances. I wish I knew a respectable fraction of these dances!

TNFD Folk Dances Cassette Tapes Index