This site provides information on International Folk Dancing (IFD) in Fort Collins, Colorado. Primarily, the focus is on the community group of recreational international folk dancers who meet every Tuesday night at the Empire Grange Hall, who, after considering the matter long and hard, decided that the best appellation for the group of people who come together every Tuesday night to folk dance would be Tuesday Night Folk Dancers, aka TNFD. Sure, there are plenty of other groups meeting on Tuesday night for folk dancing, but we’re not them! Likewise, the term, folk dance, is broad and encompasses many more dances than you will find described on this site. However, in the truest sense of folk, the dances TNFD enjoy are social dances of ethnic origin, founded in tradition, danced by the common people, without professional training, and for the sake of enjoyment of the dancers rather than performance. We claim the right to the Internet search phrase “fort collins folk dance,” because nobody wants to type in those extra terms, “international” or “recreational.” We’re so happy you found us!

The Fort Collins Tuesday Night Folk Dancers (FCTNFD, or just TNFD) hold recreational, international folk dancing every Tuesday night from 7:30 – 9:30 PM at the Empire Grange, 2306 W Mulberry St, Fort Collins, CO 80521. All are invited to attend, and we are excited to have new dancers learning the old traditions…and the modern too! No experience or partner necessary. $3 donation. Dances from Albania to Wales, beginning to advanced; lines, circles, couples, old, new, and everything in between!

We do not have a dedicated teaching schedule, but new dances and old dances are taught and/or reviewed as the group composition guides us on a particular night. We enjoy the social aspect of the dance, and we frequently designate an evening to be a “Party!” and people bring snacks to celebrate whatever the occasion happens to be. We are very easy going, but don’t think that we shy away from serious dancing!

Your $3 donation goes to cover the cost of hall rental, and what’s left goes towards purchases of sound & computer equipment, new dance music and videos, party supplies, and donations to folk dance resources. There are no paid positions at TNFD.

Tuesday Night Folk Dancing/Dancers is an unincorporated, not-for-profit, community group with no defined organizational structure nor appointed decision-making body (an anarchistic cooperative?). If a decision is required, it is made using the group consensus decision-making process through email. Whoever happens to volunteer becomes the de facto interim leader. For many years, the leader has been Deryl Keney. I, David Poulson, having been the digital music librarian for the past twenty-something years, have started to lead dances, as Deryl, sadly, has been mostly sidelined by wear and tear on her body from many decades of dancing and dancing and dancing. Fortunately for us, she is always on hand to remind us how a dance is done. Using email, and now this website, I share my findings as I research and learn old and new recreational international folk dances and coordinate teaching, parties, and special events. You too can volunteer in any way you see fit—Please Do! Whether it is teaching or leading dances, suggesting or requesting dances for the evening’s program, organizing a party or ethnic-themed evening (Sophia’s Greek Night Party), or something else, please send an email to or talk to me on Tuesday night.