This is a copy and paste from the old website for reference until I get the info in the new table.

These are some dances that most everyone knows and loves at Fort Collins Tuesday Night Folk Dancing. There are links to my preferred dance and music videos available on YouTube. Some tunes, such as Adje Jano, Bavno oro, and Despatko horo are prolific on YouTube, so the music choice was hard. But with some other tunes, I was lucky to get one hit, or I could not find anything at all.

I have created some danceable playlists on the Fort Collins Tuesday Night Folk Dancers YouTube Channel. The first set is of twenty-five dances for which I could find full-length dance videos of tolerable video and audio quality as well a music videos or stills that are of very good quality. You have your choice, depending on how well you can dance without a leader. In the case of dances with many music choices, I captured ones I like in a playlist titled Alternate Music. That playlist is not so good for dancing, unless you want to do the same dance over and over… Note: The titles of the videos are what the authors gave them, so sorry about some confusing titles. Also, some dances have a different name than the tune/song/music or English translations (Orijent = Brdjanka Kolo, Le Laridé = Tri Martolod, Idam ne Idam = Oi, Ela Mi Felidje, Sweet Girl = Siroon Aghchig.)

TNFD Fav’s #1: Dances playlist on YouTube
TNFD Fav’s #1: Music playlist on YouTube
TNFD Fav’s #1: Alternate Music playlist on YouTube

TNFD Fav’s #2: Dances playlist on YouTube
TNFD Fav’s #2: Music playlist on YouTube

TNFD’s Favorites, sorted alphabetically, incomplete:

Ajde Jano – Serbia

Ali Paşa – Turkey

Alunelul – Romania

Adjon az Isten – Hungary

Bavno Oro – Macedonia

Biserka-Bojerka – Serbia

Çobankat – Albania

Čoček/Ketri Ketri – Romani/Hungary

Čoček/Majko Majko – Romani

Čoček/Rumelaj – Romani

Dospatsko Horo – Bulgaria

Erev Ba – Israel

Harmonica (Harmonika) – Israel

Hashual (Hashu’al) – Israel

Idam ne Idam – Bulgaria

Imate Li Vino – Macedonia

Le Laridé – Brittany

Lemonia, Kontoula – Greece/Epirus

Lesnoto – Macedonia

Ma Navu – Israel

Orijent – Serbia

Šetnja – Serbia

Siroon Aghchig (Sweet Girl) – Armenia

Tino Mori – Macedonia

Tzadik Katamar (The Righteous Man) – Israel

Valle Pgonishte – Albania