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Moja Diridika – Croatia [Dick Crum*]

Translation:My sweetheart
Pronunciation:MOH-yah dee-ree-DEE-kah
Introduced by:Dick Crum
Format:Closed Circles (small)
Hand Hold:Front Basket
Date Taught:05/09/23

A newer Croatian folk song with yet another choreography for American folk dancers.

LYRICS (each line is done three times. Don't forget a "j" is pronounced as a "y").

Moja dika ore na volove,
A ja igram i pjevam/pivam za njime.
Mene dika zove večerati.
Hvala/Fala, diko, ja sam večerala.

My sweetheart is plowing with oxen.
I walk behind him dancing and singing.
My sweeetheart invites me to have supper.
Thank you, sweetheart, I’ve already had supper.

Teaching & Dancing Examples

Bill & Karen Faust
Instruction by the Friendly FolkDancers

Music Examples

Emil Cossetto: Folklorni Koncert