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Opšaj Diri & Pokupski Svatovski Drmeš – Croatia [Nena Sokčić*]

Translation:simililar to “tra, la, la”
Pronunciation:AWP-shy DEER-ee
Alias:Pokupski Svatovski Drmeš
Introduced by:Nena Sokčić
Year:1986 (in current form)
Format:Closed Circle
Hand Hold:Back Basket
Date Taught:4/25/23

The Croatian folk song, Opšaj Diri, has many dance choreographies, but they share all those famous Croatian Drmeš (DUR-mesh, “Shaking Dance” ) dance attributes: basket hold, walk, rita, and, of course, the ubiquitous Drmeš step. The dance is often a twofer with Opšaj Diri followed immediately by Pokupski Svatovski Drmeš choreography.

There are patriotic and protest versions of the lyrics. Read up at Folkdance Footnotes on the dance and the lyrics.

Croation, patriotic:
Ajd' u kolo sve selo, zaigrajmo veselo,
Zaigramo (zapjevajmo) veselo, ajd' u kolo sve selo.
//Opšaj diri, diri diri di, opšaj dara, dara dara dar//

Moj je dragi grane list, ljepši nego runolist,
Ljepši nego runolist, moj je dragi gore list.

Od kad imam dragana, ne dam više tavana,
Ne dam više tavana, od kad imam dragana.

Let's dance all around the village, singing cheerfully.
We'll sing happily, all around the village.

My love is a leaf from a tree, but more beautiful than edelweiss.
Nicer than edelweiss, my love is a leaf from a tree.

Since I have a sweetheart, do not give more loft.
Do not give more loft, since I have a sweetheart.

Protest version:
1. Hey people, people, Here is your liberty
2. Vibrant is the lilac tree, My beloved is a partisan
3. On the other side of the Morave (river in Croatia) a girl is reading the newspaper

Teaching & Dancing Examples (TNFD only does the Opšaj Diri portion of the dance)

Roy Butler (skip to 10 sec in) Opšaj Diri only
Dale Adamson: Opšaj Diri & Pokupski Svatovski Drmeš

Music Examples

Chris Rowbury’s random Ipswitch choir
Lado – Opšaj Diri I Pokupski Svatovski Drmeš