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El Adon Al Kol Hamaasim [Shmulik Gov-Ari] – Israel

Hebrew:אל אדון
Translation:God is the Lord of all creation
Choreographer:Shmulik Gov-Ari
Form:Individuals Circle
Hands:Individuals in a Circle
Composer:Yoni Genut
Singers:Yoni Genut & Arik Sinai
Album:Aut Laut/Ot Laot, © 2012 Eighth Note
Date Taught:04/04/23

A well-known Jewish liturgical poem set to music…set to dance.

God is the Lord of all creation
He is praised by the breath of all life
His greatness and goodness fills the universe
Knowledge and wisdom surround his presence

Exalted is He by the celestial beings
Adorned in the glory by the mysteries of heaven
Purity and justice guard his throne
Kindness and mercy abound in his glory
Good are the luminaries which our God created
Made with understanding, wisdom, and insight
He endowed them with energy and power
To dominate within their sphere of the universe
Full of splendour, they radiate brightness
Their brilliance adorns the universe
Rejoicing in rising and exalting in setting
With reverence they obey the will of their creator
Glory and honor they give to his name
And sing his sovereignty with joyous praise
He summoned the sun, and it shed its light
He set the cycle of the moon's phases
All the armies of heaven give him praise
His glory and grandeur they proclaim - all the various celestial beings 

Teaching & Dancing Examples

Teaching: Shmulik Gov-Ari
Dancing: Japan
Dancing: Shmulik Gov-Ari
Dancing: London

Music Examples

Music: From the solo album ‘Aut Laut’ by Yoni Genut, the former lead singer of the band ‘Bin Hashemos’. In the album he collaborates with Ehud Banai, Erez Lev Ari, Daniel Salomon, Shai Gebso and of course Arik Sinai.
Music: Yoni Genut and Arik Sinai