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Kol Ma Shekadam (Şıkıdım)- Israel [Roni Siman-Tov]

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Hebrew:כל מה שקדם
Translation:All That Came Before
Choreographer:Roni Siman-Tov
Form:Individuals in a Circle
Date Taught:10/26/2021

Sallie has graciously agreed to teach us the Israeli dance, Kol Ma Shekadam/Şıkıdım. This dance was choreographed in 1994 by Roni Siman-Tov. I sent you the link to Andrew Carnie’s Folk Dance Musings page before. He has links to his group, Tucson FD, doing the dance, written steps, lyrics, and lots of other info.

My goto for Israeli dances is Rokdim, and they have an instructional video (Kol Ma Sh’Kadam), shown below. This video has the music at the original speed of the recording by Tarkan (better for practice), but the popular choice for dancing is a +14% sped up version that used phonograph or tape speed change old-school technology, so the pitch is raised à la Alvin and the Chipmunks. I have source music for three different versions of the song, Şıkıdım, but I have to do some DJ editing to cut out the non-dance interludes and speed it up without involving chipmunks running in speed-controlled wheel cages.

A digitized VHS of the choreographer doing his own dance is here (there is a chance this is not really the guy, because the video isn’t labeled as such, but it was filmed in the year the dance was choreographed, 1994).

Teaching & Dancing Examples

Teaching: Rokdim Kol Ma Sh’Kadam
Teaching: Chen Shporen
Dancing: Kolo Dragan, Davis
Dancing: Tucson Folkdance

Music Examples (Note: all need edited for dancing)

Music in Turkish: Tarkan (not edited for dancing)
Music in Hebrew: Orna and Moshe Datz (not edited for dancing)