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Shiri Li Kineret – Israel [Shlomo Maman]

Hebrew:שירי לי כנרת
Translation:Sing to me, Galilee
Choreographer:Shlomo Maman
Form:Closed Circle
Hand Hold:V
Composer:Rami Kedar
Lyricist:Oded Feldman
Singer:Mili Miran
Date Taught:3/28/23
Teachers:Dee & David

A very popular song in Israel, and, of course, it needed to have a choreographed dance. Note that the leg sweep resembles the waves on the majestic Sea of Galilee. The best info is at Folk Dance Musing and IsraeliDances.com.

Sing to me, Sea of Galilee

The Golan Heights in the horizon stand in silence,
And boys - their heart beats, guard them.
When they sit at night around the bon fire
They answer you, Kineret, with a song.

Sing to me, the Sea of Galilee, an old song
Sing to me, the Sea of Galilee; sing to me, the Golan Heights.

The little boat sails with its white sail,
The gum tree forest guards the scenery.
A net is laid when the storm ends,
And they all answer you, Kineret, with a song.

The Jordan River plays a symphony with the thousands birds,
And in a harmony they play and sing,
And kids in Tiberius in the middle of a singing lesson
Answer you Kineret with a song.

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Music Examples

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