Maloj Mome – Macedonia/Kumanovo [Atanas Kolarovski*]

Maloj Mome is an old favorite from historic Macedonia. It’s not too difficult and the fast pace makes it interesting. From the Stockton 1969 notes, “Dance is done for pleasure and can be seen at weddings, holidays, and other special occasions.” Beware: there are many popular Macedonian folk songs with “Maloj Mome” in the title. In Country-Western songs, you could translate it something like “My Little Darlin’.”

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Dance Name:Maloj Mome
Coun­try of Or­i­gin:Macedonia
Mac­e­do­ni­an:Малој Моме
Pro­nun­ci­a­tion:MAH-loy MOH-meh
Trans­la­tion:My Little Darlin’ (young woman)
A­li­as­es:Maloi, Malaj
Pre­sent­ed in USA:Atanas Kolarovski
Dance Type:Circle/Chain/Line: non-partner
Dance Cat­e­go­ry:Oldies Folk Dance
Folk Status:Historic Village Dance
Skill Lev­el:Intermediate
En­er­gy In­ten­si­ty:Lively
Song:“Sevdalino, maloj mome” by Tanec
(other versions are much different)
Time Sig­na­ture:2/4
Danc­er For­ma­tion:Open Circle
Hand Hold:V-position
Leads to:R w/ R
Date Taught:05/23/23
Pub­lished:May 5, 2023
Up­dat­ed:April 19, 2024

Dancing Examples

Tucson FD – A little different than Fort Collins, but mostly matches Stockton’s & Dick Oakes’ notes.
TEMARIちゃんねるin Japan – A better match for part 1, but the 1st part of part 2 is unique.


TANEC – Sevdalino, maloj mome (Divna Lazareva) (1968)

Lyrics: Sevdalino, maloj mome

Sevdelike, maloj mome,

sŭm sŭm sŭm, maloj sŭm
deb ti, mano, šep ti li čuke
maloj mome, de.

Doma li si? Sama li si?

Doma sum si, ne sum sama.

Pri mene e stara majka.

Za majku ti kolaj biva.

Ḱe u kupu kilo kruške.

Neka jade neka trae.

Zašto s tŭpan ḱe igrae.
Sevdelika, my dear girl,

(gibberish lovey stuff)

Are you at home? Are you alone?

I’m at home, I’m not alone.

My old mother is with me.

It’s easy to deal with your mother.

We’ll buy her a kilo of pears.

She can eat them and keep quiet.

Otherwise the news will be all over town.
From the the MIT Folk Dance Club Songbook