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Hora de mînă (mână) – Romania [Mihai and Alexandru David*]

Translation:Handhold Dance
Alias:Hora de mână
Introduced by:Mihai and Alexandru David
Format:Closed Circle
Hand Hold:W
Date Taught:

This is another dance done for a very long time at TNFD. Mână is the post 1993 (post-Communist era) spelling of mînă, which modern versions now use, but the rec dance videos and music are stuck in 1965 with mînă. “Handhold dance/Dance of the hands” really narrows down the possibilities, doesn’t it? Some of the possibilities are at Folkdance Footnotes.

Note: Fort Collins adds a pie-wedge (diagonal-right in, diagonal-right out) to the in and out of part one.

Teaching & Dancing Examples

Bill & Karen Faust
Roy Butler

Music Examples

Music: from Gypsy Camp Vol 3